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A brief update from London and Amsterdam

Before we meet in Amsterdam on June 1st, London and Amsterdam would like to give you a brief update on the focus of their integrated action plan.

An update from Tallinn: brianstorm session in Naked Island workshop

The first half of the year has been very active for the ACCESS project ULG and team, as the action plan for cultural accessibility is being completed. This will be input to the culture operational program of Tallinn cultural field. As part of the preparatory process for the document, an ULG meeting and a brainstorming session took place in the beginning of May.

ACCESS End Event

From 1 till 3 June we will showcase, reflect and celebrate the work we have been done during our ACCESS project on our final ACCESS End event in Amsterdam. It’s been a long time since we all saw each other in Dublin (February 2020), we are excited to see everyone again! Our partners will have the chance to present the outlines of their ACCESS work and tell us more about the way they will adapt their ACCESS work in their daily practice. Key core members and some of their local network members will be present during those days and some of URBACT’s representatives. Each day we will visit one of Amsterdam’s focus areas, so we can experience some culture and ACCESS work along the way. Here are some facts about the Amsterdam focus area’s that we will be visiting during our ACCESS End Event.

Creative Residency in Dublin: Law and art combine in unique opportunity

At Dublin City Council Culture Company, we have a Creative Residency programme which creates new partnerships to try out ideas. We want to test new approaches through these residencies which in turn will add to the cultural story of the city.
Santa clara

Santa Clara: listening to the stories

As we approach the end of this leg of ACCESS, Lisbon’s team has become more and more involved with the territory of Santa Clara. We decided to interview the people of Santa Clara to get to know them better. And to get inspired by them.
Vilnius International Film Festival 2022 (1)

Vilnius International Film Festival Honors Ukrainian Resistance

Vilnius International Film Festival, the largest cinematic event in Lithuania, announced post-pandemic live screenings in the country. This year, the Festival actively boycotts all Russian films, honors Ukrainian directors, and invites spectators to immerse into 90 feature films and 51 short films in selected Lithuanian cinemas, including the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Cultural research at the Kopli pilot area in Tallinn

In the final quarter of 2021 the ACCESS Tallinn team conducted 30 personal in-depth interviews and two group studies with students to find out what preferences and needs the locals have. What would they like to see and do in the area and how accessible are the activities and events for them?

We wish you very happy holidays and we are looking forward to seeing you in the new year!

Dear partners, Another year has gone by. One were, even though we hoped it would be over, we were still coping with the challenges covid bring us. Besides this very real struggle and the hard times it has brought the cultural sector, we saw great creativity and flexibility. Within the sector, but also with all

Dear ACCESS partners, dear friends,

Summer is upon us, what a year it has been! Even though Corona has not left us as anticipated, we did do some great work on making our cities a little bit better and more inclusive! 

Transnational Meeting in Tallinn

At the beginning of July, we had a chance to all meet, still virtually, in the city of Tallinn. One and a half day very well spent as there were great and inspirational public sessions planned.

Transnational Meeting in Riga

On thursday the 10th and friday the 11th of June, the ACCESS network gathered (albeit online) for the Transnational Meeting in Riga. Here we got a warm welcome from Ints Teterovskis, one of Latvia’s most famous choir conducturs, and the host of the Transnational Meeting. He presented the many-sided cultural life in Riga. From choirs

Sharing good examples and ideas

Vilnius City Municipality Administration is actively working together with Vilnius URBACT Local Group while preparing for the next steps of ACCESS project implementation as part of Vilnius Roadmap for the Integrated Action Plan.
Exploring cultural wishes and needs

Exploring cultural wishes and needs

Talking about diversity and inclusion, we discussed the meaning of those terms. An important discussion that needs to be held in order for the municipality to recognize Talking about diversity and inclusion, we discussed the meaning of those terms. An important discussion that needs to be held in order for the municipality to recognize
DSC08799©José Frade_20190106_171445-1

Lisbon Transnational meeting 2021

The Access network went on a virtual fieldtrip to the peripheries of Lisbon, where the Muro Urban Art Festival took place. Neighbourhoods were transformed into a playground for urban artistic expression to allow voices of the residents to be heard, to be legitimated, and to sediment in the history of the area.
European capital cities leading the urban agenda for cultural inclusion

European capital cities leading the urban agenda for cultural inclusion

Eight European capital cities - Amsterdam, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Sofia, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius - are working together to create new policies for cultural inclusion. The aim is to bring about a real shift in cultural policymaking in Europe and as a result ensure access to culture for all citizens.

ACCESS challenges: how Lisbon is taking it

As ACCESS enters its second phase and the world deals with the pandemic reality, Culture in Lisbon is both focusing on the territory that has been chosen to work upon and the constraints that will emerge from it and from the global and local context.
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