Vilnius URBACT Local Group presented findings of two studie

Vilnius URBACT Local Group, in alignment with Vilnius City Administration, made a significant progress on ACCESS project activities and planned outputs.

As part of Vilnius Roadmap for the Integrated Action Plan, Vilnius ULG:

  • Analyzed events happening in different districts of Vilnius city.
  • Performed a quantitative survey of the population.
  • Did testing of small-scale activities (interviews with successful cultural operators and community representatives).

The results of both studies gave an opportunity to identify the socio-cultural profiles of local communities of different districts, factors that limit residents’ inclusion in the cultural activities, support needed from Vilnius municipality as well as biggest issues related to funding provision.

Based on the results of the study, Vilnius ULG provided the recommendations on the development of urban communities, strengthening of the partnerships, increasing participation of the citizens in educational activities, achieving closer links with the initiatives organized by cultural communities and the improvement of project funding guidelines.

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