Sharing good examples and ideas

Working sessions that took place in March-June 2021 were dedicated towards a better understanding of peripheral communities in the city of Vilnius. During the virtual meetings and creative workshops Vilnius UGL members, external experts, community leaders discussed about the added value of the community involvement in cultural activities, participants shared good practice examples and ideas, discussed the guidelines of Vilnius Roadmap for the Integrated Action Plan. Discussions helped to summarize the specifics of local communities within Vilnius city:

  • Each district, just like its community, has a distinctive character that is shaped by historical circumstances,
  • More active communities usually have a place for gathering (library, cultural centre, public space, etc.) and opportunities to socialize,
  • Majority of ULG members see their work with communities as integrated element of their daily activities.

            Knowledge gained during the implementation of Project „ACCESS to Culture for all Citizens“ is used to improve Vilnius strategic documentation, while paying close attention to ensuring equal access to cultural activities for different societal groups and increasing the variety of cultural offerings in different districts of the city.

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